The Art of the Improvisers

tue 14 nov 2006 23:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

Trumpet player Eddie Henderson: “Fusion”.
Dr. Eddie Henderson is a performind musician and a practising medical man. He played in Herbie Hancock’s “Mwandishi” sextet as Mganga. His first records under his own name: “Realiziations” (1973) and “Inside Out” (1974). With Bennie Maupin, Herbie Hancock, Lenny White and Pat Gleeson.

  Spiritual Awakening” (Eddie Henderson) 
 “Scorpio-Libra” (Eddie Henderson) 
 “Revalation” (Herbie Hancock)  /  “Realization” (Eddie Henderson)
from the LP Realization   Capricorn Records CP 0118
 “Revalation” (Herbie Hancock) 
from the LP Love From The Sun   Buddah BDS 5142
  “Moussaka” (Bennie Maupin)  
  “Fusion” (Eddie Henderson)    
 “Dreams” (Eddie Henderson) 
  “Exit # 1” (Bennie Maupin)    
from the LP Inside Out   Capricorn Records   K 57504