The Art of the Improvisers

tue 16 jan 2007 23:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

Episode: “Fusie uit het Oosten (Fusion from the East): guitar player Amancio D’Silva and
violinist / composer John Mayer”.

Jazz guitar player Amancio D’Silva and classical violinist / composer John Mayer moved from India to London. There, visionairy producer Dennis Preston set up a number of crossover projects for both musicians which turned out to be trend-setting. You can hear new music by Mayer from 2000. D’Silva plays two versions of his opus “Jaipur” among other things.
With: Don Rendell, Jonathan Mayer, Norma Winstone, Harjinda Matharu, Joe Harriott and others.

The Joe Harriott & Amancio D’Silva Quartet: Jaipur” (Amancio D’Silva)  
from the CD Impressed with Gilles Peterson            Universal 064 749 2                                                                                 
Amancio D’Silva:
>  “Ganges
” (Amancio D’Silva & Ian Carr)    
>  “Jaipur” (Amancio D’Silva)                        
from the CD Integration – introducing Amancio D’Silva  Universal 986 6893                                                                                                    
Amancio D’Silva: 
>  “Joyce Country” (Amancio D’Silva)                                             
>  “Integration” (Don Rendell, Dave Green & Amancio D’Silva)   
from the CD Integration – introducing Amancio D’Silva    Universal 986 6893                                                                                                   
John Mayer’s Indo-Jazz Fusions:
>  “Khamaj” (Steve Fromans)      
>  “Gaud Sarang” (John Mayer) 
from the CD I N J A                      FMR CD69-V0400
Amancio D’Silva:  A Street in Bombay
” (Amancio D’Silva) 
from the compilation CD Impressed 2 with Gilles Peterson    Universal 0602498201428