The Art of the Improvisers

sat 3 mar 2007 16:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

Cecil Taylor, part 2: 1961-1966.
In the 60s, Taylor perfected his piano performance of the “88 percussion instruments”. The pianist met colleagues with whom he would work together for many years: alto saxophone player Jimmy Lyons and percussionist Andrew Cyrille. Though the free jazz is being performed much more, Taylor keeps taking its unique place.

1. Bulbs  (C.Taylor) (6:48)
2. Mixed  (C.Taylor) (10:08)
 Gil Evans Orchestra – Into the Hot – Impulse AS-9/IMPL8016 (lp, ABC, GB)
3. Nefertiti, the Beautiful one Has Come (C.Taylor) (9:17)
Cecil Taylor – Live at the Cafe Montmartre-Freedom TKCB-70310 (CD, Tokuma, J)
4. Steps (C.Taylor) (10:21)
Cecil Taylor – Unit Structures – Blue Note CP32-9542 (CD, Toshiba EMI, J)
5. Conquuistador (C.Taylor) (18:04)
Cecil Taylor – Conquistador! – Blue Note GXK-8148 (lp, King, J)