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The Art of the Improvisers

tue 20 mar 2007 16:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

Attention to Jamaican alto saxophone player Joe Harriott (1928-1973). In 1960, he developed a new concept of abstract improvisation in London (part 1 of 2).

Confirmation (C.Parker)
    cd Joe Harriott Genius -Jaza 6
Just Goofin’ (J.Harriott)
    cd Jazz at the Flamingo – Vocalion CDLK 4213
Moanin’ (B.Timmons)
Formation (J.Harriott)
Straight Lines (J.Harriott)
Calypso  (J.Harriott)
   cd Free Form – Redial 538184-2
Modal (J.Harriott)
Tonal (J.Harriott)
Pictures (J.Harriott)
   cd Abstract – Redial 548138-2