The Art of the Improvisers

sat 14 jul 2007 15:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

Bass player and composer Graham Collier (21 February 1937) was the first British graduate at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. He returned to London in 1964. Since then he has worked exclusively with groups familiar to him. He is counted among the better British arrangers, along with Mike Westbrook who is more well-known in the Netherlands.

1 The Graham Collier Septet: Deep Dark Blue Centre (13.23)
From the CD of the same name disconforme DISC 1957 CD
2 Graham Collier: Deep Dark Blue Centre (18.13)
From Workpoints Two Concerts from the Golden Age of British Jazz CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 213/214
Track 3 New Conditions Part 1 & 2 (duration 8.59)
Track 4 New Conditions Part 8 (duration 5.00)
From the CD New Conditions disconforme DISC 1973 CD
Track 5 Hoarded Dreams Part 4 (duration 10.30)
From the CD Graham Collier’s Hoarded Dreams Cuneiform Records Rune 252