The Art of the Improvisers

tue 7 aug 2007 23:00 
Genre: Free Jazz
Composer: Thelonious Monk

The last of 3 parts about pianist Andrew Hill, who died in April this year.
He gained fame via the record label Blue Note between 1963 and 1970, and was just as self-willed but not as well known as his older colleagues Thelonious Monk and Herbie Nichols. His last CD, ‘Time Lines’ from 2006, was considered to be the best jazz production of that year by many critics.

1. Monk’s Glimpse (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill Trio and Quartet – Shades                      
Soul Note 121113-2 (cd, I)
2. Golden Sunset (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill – Eternal Spirit                            
Blue Note 92051-2 (cd, US)
3. But Not Farwell (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill – But Not Farewell                                 
Blue Note 94971-2 (cd, US)
4.  15/8   (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill – Dusk                                       
Palmetto PM 2057 (cd, US)
5. Divine Revelation (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill – A Beautiful Day                        
Palmetto PM 2085 (cd, US)
6. Flying in the Sky (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill Jazzpasr Octet + 1 – The Day the World Stood Still       
Stunt STXCD 20412 (cd, DK)
7. Malachi  (A.Hill)
Andrew Hill – Time Lines
Blue Note 55533-2 (cd, EU)