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thu 31 mar 2016 18:00 hour

Sunday afternoon, come rain or shine, at home or out? At the Cafe of Sounds you’re in the right place: the intimacy of a livingroom with the vibe of a cafe. Every third Sunday of the month, the Cafe of Sounds offers live performances by up-and-coming talent, and by artists who have won their spurs in the music world. An experience that is bound to have you return!

With studio guests jazz/pop singer Wouter Hamel, accompanied by Thierry Castel, soprano Laetitia Gerards, pianist Ramon van Engelen and visual artist Koen Wilgehof.
On Sunday 20 March, the 21st edition of the Cafe of Sounds took place. And what an edition it was! Wouter Hamel played three songs in an unplugged session and moved the audience to tears. 22-year-old soprano Laetitia Gerards also impressed: she showed us that opera can be very seductive.
Wouter Hamel told host Louis Gauthier about his connection with classical music. It started with his aunt Aleid who took him to the ballet when he was just a small boy. Now still, Debussy forms an inspiration for his own work. According to Wouter, Debussy is the composer who operates best at the interface of jazz and classical. Hamel’s sidekick Daan Herweg – jazz pianist and jazz composer – gave his unqualified assent to that.
Of course, a live performance by Wouter had to be a part of the show. The song "Travelling alone", accompanied by pianist Thierry Castel, was very touching.
Laetitia Gerards was this month’s talent. She can justly be called a top-notch talent. With a combination of excellent vocals and seductive acting talent the entire audience fell for her. Together with pianist Ramon van Engelenhoven – who has been on The Cafe of Sounds before – she performed three songs. Her interpretation of the song "Les Filles de Cadix" made many listener feel weak in the knees…
video clips
A mini exhibition by visual artist Koen Wilgehof functioned as a powerful d├ęcor for this edition. Koen is inspired by music by, among others, composer Philip Glass. The bright blue work in the video clip is his.

Koen Wilgehof and a couple of his paintings.

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