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The Concertzender Live!

fri 26 dec 2008 20:00 

Pure Jazz, part 9: Orchestra Baobab & Orange Grove.

Two recordings from the Pure Jazz Festival 2008.
(1) Orchestra Baobab from Senegal. The band plays different types of music of which the Afro-Cuban music and traditional West-African music can frequently be heard.
(2) The five band members of Orange Grove originate from Saint Martin, Curaçao and Suriname. Their music is a mix of reggae, ska, rap and rock music. Combined with the raw voice of leadsinger Michael Maidwell, Orange Grove is made into a reggae band with an edge.
Orange Grove speaks to a very wide audience and during a live performance very few people can resist to dance! A true ‘feelgood experience’.
Recording techniques: Anton van Halderen and Sem de Jongh.