The Early World

sat 27 apr 2013 05:00 

With CDs by Dutch-Morrocan Karim Eharruyen & Kurdish Hesen Kanjo.

Hesen Kanjo
Karim Eharruyen
Ud player Karim Eharruyen and three other musicians accompany Spanish flamenco singer Curra Suarez in the piece Zharbia. Zharbia means carpet, and eastern carpets are like puzzles with many colours, motives and stories. Jazz, classical, Arab and Spanish styles are entwined with one another in Zharbia like a spicy, exciting, musical, multicultural carpet.
CD: Zharbia by Karim Eharruyen.
Label: Lop Lop productions (2008), code: LLR 02.
Hesen Kanjo
A kanun player, born in Aleppo (Syria), started his music lessons at age 11 with the accordion and the Saz. After that he studied at the Arab Institute of Music in Aleppo. In 1996 he immigrated to Germany, where he mainly focused on solo performances, but he also plays with Kurdish musicians regularly.
CD: Hevi by Hesen Kanjo.
Label: Hesen Kanjo (2012), code: LC 22901