The Early World | Concertzender | Klassiek, Jazz, Wereld en meer

The Early World

sat 13 feb 2016 07:00 
Composer: Niti Ranjan Biswas

With “Crossing Border” music from the Arab, Indian, European and Jewish tradition.

Windstreken consists of tabla player Niti Ranjan Biswas, organist Sebastiaan van Delft (on the beautiful sounding “chest organ”) and flutist and saxophonist Pieter de Mast. This remarkable composition is complemented with an oud player, a violinist and a cellist. Music from all corners of the world, you can call it world fusion, but also with a distinct jazzy approach and sometimes you hear classical music. “Crossing Border” music is several respects. CD. Nouzha van Windstreken. Label: Lop-Lop (2009), code: LLR 031. Video

Lenka Lichtenberg.jpgLenka Lichtenberg.
Lenka Lichtenberg was a prize winning artist as a child in her native country Czech Republic. She composed and was a popular singer. In Yiddisch Journey,  Lenka Lichtenberg gives new life to Yiddish poetry and folk songs with her arrangements that come from ideas she gained during her many journeys; from her hometown Prague, to Toronto, the Middle East, India and Brasil. CD. Yiddish Journey, Lenka Lichtenberg. Label: Arc Music Productions (2016), code: EUCD2526. Video