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sat 16 apr 2016 05:00 hour

With three CDs by the Belgian label Homerecords. The label has been around since 2004 and is an independent music publisher. They produce contemporary, innovative and essential acoustic music. At the basis lies a range of different influences and styles (traditional, classical, jazz, poprock, world music, and more) that lead to an original and personalised project by the artist.

Maarten Decombel (350x350).jpgAranis (350x315).jpg
1. Thierry Crommen.
FotoThierry Crommen.jpg
Thierry is a Belgian harmonica player, he has mastered both the diatonic and chromatic harmonica. With Chris De Pauw (acoustic guitar), Erno (piano) and Achim Tang (double bass) Thierry Crommen offers subtle variations on themes from folk, jazz and popmusic.
Cd. Diversions. Label: (2010), code: 4446065. Video
2. Maarten Decombel.
Maarten Decombel (guitar and vocals) takes us to his imaginary world, with Louis Favre (drums) and Rui Salgado (double bass). The trio plays a mixture of jazz, bossa nova, flamenco and world music. 
Cd. October Sunrise. Label: (2011), code: 4446082. Video
3. Aranis.
Double bass player Joris Vanvinckenroye is the main composer of this band, counting seven musicians and three vocalists. Some compositions are minimalist in concept, while other pieces contain odd sounds and meters. 
Cd. Songs From Mirage. Label: (2009), code: 4446058. Video

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