The Musician

tue 6 jan 2009 15:00 

The Battle of the Atlanc Suite voor soprano solo, wind orchestra and choir is an epic work about the biggest military campaign of World War II. During the war years, over 100.000 merchant ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean with food and clothing for the local population, raw materials, weapons and fuel for the resistance. The losses were also huge. Around 2,000 ships were lost and about 22,000 Brits lost their lives during these actions.

1. Roylance & Galvin. The Battle of the Atlanc Suite.
Lesley Garrett, soprano. Band of H.M. Royal Mariners. Hallé orkest. Hallé koor conducted by Bill Connor.
Conifer Classics 74321 15008 2
2. Tchernezky. March of the Mine-sweepers
3. Kühne. Jour de fête
4. Herzer. Hoch Heidecksburg
Band of the Royal Netherlands Army conducte by Arnold Wensink
Band of the Royal Netherlands Army FkKL 99002-2