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The Night: World Music

sun 20 mar 2016 01:00 hour

International women’s compilation albums released by Putumayo.

The theme of this week’s The Night: World MusicĀ is International Women’s Day (8 March), three days late but still… we didn’t want to let this day go by unnoticed.

Putumayo is a world music label that releases compilation albums with world music according to themes. Tonight, you will listen to a couple of Putumayo’s women’s albums.
"Women of the World Acoustic" is an exploration of acoustic music by some of the world’s greatest female artists.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of the World Acoustic (2007, Putumayo World Music – PUT 261-2)
An early edition, says the Putumayo catalogue of world music (and in particular women’s world music) of the following album titled "Women of the World" from 1995.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of the World International (1995), Putumayo World Music – M119-2.
Women of Brazil.jpg
International celebrities and young South American singers come together on this easily accessible CD full of reggae, bossa nova and samba, performed by the women of Brazil.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of Brazil (2013), Putumayo World Music PUTU 3302.
"Women of Latin America" contains women from a couple of Latin American countries and in particular from Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. In that sense not a very representative random sample of Latin American music. The music that is on this CD is however very diverse and very good.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of Latin America (2004), Putumayo World Music PUT 228-2.
"Women of Jazz" contains original songs and classic 1920 ballads and Broadway showtunes. In this collection Jazz meets acoustic pop music by exceptional female vocalists from the US and Canada.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of Jazz (2008), Putumayo World Music PUT 286-2.
Women of Africa.jpg
"Women of Africa" is a festival of moving and inspiring music. It contains recordings by women from Algeria to Zimbabwe and thus displays a wide range of contemporary African music.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of Africa (2004), Putumayo World Music PUT 223-2.
Another gem released by Putumayo is "Women of Spirit". Women of Spirit brings a whole hour of sensitive music from all over the world made by women. From Siberia to the Celtic fiddle.
CD Putumayo presents: Women of Spirit (1998), Putumayo World Music PUTU137-2/M137-2.
"Women of the World – Celtic". Sometimes in Irish, sometimes in English. Plunge into a comfy seat and listen to the album "Putumayo presents: Women of the World – Celtic".
CD Putumayo presents: Women of the World – Celtic (1995), Putumayo World Music PUTU 120-2.
The final album of this The Night: World Music is "Putumayo presents: Women’s Work".
The songs on this album tend to be not openly politically inclined but the emphasis lying mainly on the stories about things that happen to women.
CD Putumayo presents: Women’s Work (1996), Putumayo World Music PUTU 128-2.

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