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The Orient Express

sun 7 feb 2016 00:00 hour
Composers: Guo Gan | Traditional

Traditional classical music from China.

Joy. A piece entitled Guan shan yué by the Shanghai Orchestra of Traditional Chinese Music.
CD. Treasury of Chinese musical instruments Ensembles, CCD89-36.

2. Longing for an old friend. You will hear Huihong Ou on zheng.
CD. label: Wergo SM-16032.
3. The Guo Gan Trio in "a night with blossom and moonshine on the spring river".
Guo Gan: erhu – Rao Ying: zheng – Lai Long Han: dizi.
CD. Label: Felmay FY 8207.
4. The Chang An Guyué Ensemble in two pieces: 1/ Yu li Ling, 2/ Gusu xing.
CD. label: Naïve Y 225087.
5. Music from the Chinese opera tradition by the Opera Ensemble of Pingyáo.
Entitled: Jin shang sui xiang quv sjang soewie ksiang koe.
CD. label: Fr 130meaux Associées FA 5231.
Thanks to the Central Record Library Rotterdam.

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