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The Palace of Nostalgia

thu 31 mar 2016 06:00 hour

Jazz, blues and nostalgia. ‘Digging for treasure at the charnel.’

A Palace of Nostalgia filled with major and minor celebrities that have sunk into oblivion. For example the quick-witted nightclub attraction Pearl Bailey, Addie Williams who’s endowed with an opera-like vocal sound, Etta Jones, who was quite outstripped by Billie Holiday, and Hot Lips Page, the ‘spare Louis Armstrong’ who was a marvelous trumpet player and blues singer but could nevertheless not get away from the shadow of his role model. Furthermore, the crooner Buddy Clark, who died at an early age in a plane disaster, Eddy Howard, who was once launched as the tone-setting new jazz singer, the sultry Lorez Alexandria, Dolly Dawn, the former mentor of Ella Fitzgerald. And then we have Jeri Southern, Lucy Reed, Monica Zetterlund, Kay Penton, and David Allyn, broken by tragedy, who at an old age could suddenly enjoy the appreciation he was craving for for decades.

Producer and presenter:
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