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The Palace of Nostalgia

thu 14 apr 2016 06:00 hour
Composer: Pete Seeger

Jazz, blues and the nostalgic 1950s-feeling.

Roaming around variously through the past with a vocal group that was able to sing both very high and very low, hence the name the Hi-Lo’s. Combined with Rosemary Clooney, a beautiful mystery story by Pete Seeger and the Italian soprano Anita Cerquetti who once replaced the sick Maria Callas in ‘Norma’ and seemed destined to follow in her footsteps but, to the bewilderment of her fans, stopped singing. In addition the Danish band leader Boyd Bachman who used to be immensely popular in the Nethrlands as well Wynford Reynold. the arch-British orchestra leader. And most of all, in honour of her 92nd birthday the woman through whose voice, according to her late son Terry Melcher, rays of sun could be heard: Doris Day.

Producer and presenter:
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