The Sound of Movies

wed 20 mar 2013 21:00 
Genre: Film Music

In the series Jazz in Movies:
Four scores by American composer Les Baxter (1922-1996).

1. Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs (1966).
With songs from and by The Sloopys, Mad Doctors, Terry Stafford, Bobby Lile, Paul & The Pack and The Candles.
Compositions by Hemric & Styner, Hatcher and Bob Summers.
Music conducted by Mike Curb & Bob Summers.
2. Wild in the Streets (1968).
The Senators, Jerry Howard and The Gurus (vocals).
3. Hell’s Belles (1969).
Studio orchestra led by Les Baxter.
4. Thema ‘Quiet Village’ (1976).
Large Ensemble & Strings led by Lalo Schifrin.