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The Source of Sound

sat 2 jan 2016 22:00 hour
Composer: Traditional

The Source of Sound is the new series of the Concertzender which involves the material, the movement and the vibration of which music arises. This first episode is about metal. About bronze, copper, iron and steel. Repeat of the first episode.

1.                        2’10
Chueraiheli, Cloches, fouets et Jüüzli
Comp. & Perf. Erasmus Betschart, Richard Gwerder, Adolf Gwerder, Alois Suter, Theres Suter-Ulrich
CD “Jüüzli” Jodel du Muotatal.
Le Chant du Monde LDX 274716
Alpage, the herding and calling of the cows to milk them and in the second part the tingling of the bells at a wedding. Switzerland, Muotatal.
2.                        6’12           
Srimpi Kakarta
Trad. Arranged by Suryabrata, Muchtar
Perf: Gameland Ensemble of Sumedang.
CD Flute and Gamelan Music of West Java
Topic TSCD913
Gamelan orchestra from West Java. Court dance.
3.                        6’36
Master Seung Sahn
CD One Sound
Ellipsis arts CD4015
Korean temple clock. Sung morning prayer and meditation exercise in the Korean Soen Zen school tradition.   
4.                         2’13           
Poh the ako porro
Perf.: Chu-ru Pro village ensemble 
CD Music from Vietnam 5. Minorities from the Central Highland and Coast.
Caprice CAP 21674  
5.                         3’39
Luong Ba (Greeting spring)
Perf.: Bui Chi and the Cong Sac Bua Muong Trang ensemble
CD Music from Vietnam 3. Ethnic minorities.
Caprice CAP 21479
Gongs and voice, Vietnam. Wedding music.
6.                        6’37           
Brao dance song   
Perf.: Khoua Touay Brao gong ensemble
CD Laos 1
Sound Reporters, CD SR1003
A tuned set of gongs with cymbals. Dancing song.
7.                        3’06
Office du Qailanglyn Qural              
Perf.: Monks of the Gandan monastery.
CD Mongolia. Chamanes et Lamas.
Ocora C560059
Temple orchestra with gongs, horns, drums, shawms and a prominent part for the large cymbals. Gandan monastery, Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Part of the ceremony in which the tutelary ghosts of the monastery are called on.
8                        3’58
Symphony of the bowls
Comp./Perf: Alain Presencer
CD The Singing Bowls of Tibet
Musical Heritage Society 515257W, track 7
Gong, cymbals, bells and especially singing bowls. New Age, healing sounds, studio composition.
9.                       2’10
Mantra Chant with cymbals and gantra
Comp. / Perf.: Buddhist monks of the Maitri Vihar Monastery
CD Tibetan Mantras and Chants
Interra INCD5750-2
Nepal, hand bell and cymbals.
10.                      3’06
Song for thinking
Comp./Perf. Unknown
CD Memory of the People
Auvidis Unesco D 8200
2  Sanza’s, metal plates.
Gbaya, Central Africa.
11.                      3’21
Ewa Angin (Le souffle du vent)
Buon Pakga Ede gong orchestra
CD Vietnam anthologie de la musique Ede
Buda Records 92726-2
10 gongs, in a musical interpretation of the sounds of wind and rain in a tropical jungle.
Ede Adham, Vietnam
12.                       2’59
Bagholi Bane Bakale (my former wife)       
Comp. /Perf. Unknown
CD Tradition Musical du Malawi
Auvidis Unesco D8265
Malawi, iron chopping blades, beer drinking song.
13.                        2’56
Masava Atsinana
Perf. Ramanantsoa Pascal and Radoné
CD Merina Country
Ocora  C 560159
Valiha duo. Tube cither with steel strings. Madagscar.
14.                        5’18
The Gong orchestra of  Hwe Pu Leh            
Perf. the Gong orchestra of  Hwe Pu Leh
CD Karenni
Pan Records Pan 2040CD
2 gongs, cymbals, drum. Standard dance, procession song. Thailand, Karen.
15.                        6’36
Perf. Shivkumar Sharma, Zakir Hussain
CD India. Shivkumar Sharma, Zakir Hussain
World Network WDR 52984
Santoor of chopping block with metal strings.
India, Kashmir.
Shortened by 15’33.

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