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The Source of Sound

sat 30 jan 2016 03:00 hour
Composers: Jean Schwartz | Traditional

The Source of Sound is a new series of the Concertzender which involves the material, the movement and the vibration of which music arises.

This second episode of the Source of Sound is dedicated to the sound of stone, earth and glass.

1.  CD Sonorous Caves- Il Centro del Suono
     (no number) Walter Maioli, Toirano Mix (of
     Glockenspiel, The Bells of the Angels, The
     Niche, Grave Gong, The organ of Toirano.
     Tracks 1,2,3,6),  4’48
     Walter Maioli, Giuliano Rosa
2.  CD Voice of the Dragon – Amsterdam China
     Festival 92804
     CD2-12, Zhang Xiang, Moonlit Night 5’07
     Hubei Provincial Museum Ensemble
3.  CD Rhythm Tracks – Pan 2000C CD
     no 3. Traditional,  Spring, 3’09
     Pan Zhenhua
4.  LP Mnong Gar, Ocora OCR 80
     B 10, Jean Schwartz, Lithophone from Ndut
     Lieng Krak, 2’26
     Jean Schwartz
5.  Own recording
     Ademole Ohibonokuta, Introduction, 3’45
     Ademole Ohibonokuta
6.  LP The spirit of Maoritanga, Kiwi Pacific Records
     A 2,3 traditional, Mawai e hari,E Oho E te
     Whanau 2’42
     The New Zealand Maori Company
7.  LP Tolai traditional music from the Gazelle
     peninsula, Larrikin Records
     A6, traditional, Kamba Inga, 3’05
8.  CD Music from China. Chappell Chap WR9
     no 28. Traditional, Ancient melody, 1’47
     The UK Chinese Ensemble
9.  Private collection – Recording by McLennan.
    Traditional, Ocarina compilation, 2’11
10. CD Instruments de musique du monde. Le
     Chants du Monde LDX 274675
      no 12. Darbouka, 2’06
11. CD Instruments de musique du monde. Le
     Chants du Monde LDX 274675
     no 13. Chatur Lal. Tabla, 2’04
     Chatur Lal
12. CD Music from Vietnam 2. The city of Hué.
     Caprice  CAP 21463
     no 3. Traditional Hat chau van, 5’20   
     Doan Ca Hue
13. CD Eboka. Sound Reporters SR1001CD
     no 4. Ngbanda, Ngbindi, 7’44
14. Ancient contemporary music from Thailand.
     Celestial Harmonies 14098-2
     CD 2-6 Luang Pradit Pairoh. The votive candle
     (Tao), 19’46
     Fong Naam
This is a program from May 22, 2015. The new one will is scheduled for April 26, 2016

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