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The Title

wed 4 mar 2009 00:00 

…music from a different planet.

Clare and the Reasons. Pluto (tune).
(Fargo FR21151)
1. Populous with short stories. Faithful  .        (Morr MusicLC10387)
2. zZz. Majeur.
(Excelsior Anti 7003 Exel96163)
3. Jessica Lea Mayfield. Kiss me again.          (Munich Rec.MRCD301)
4. Taub. Backyard maud the fraudian fairy.
(dense.Nonine recordings promotion)
5. Matt Elliott. How much in the blood.
(Ici d’ailleurs ida049)
6.  Eugene McGuinness. Those old black movies.
(Domino Rec.WIG CD218)
7. Ropechain. We know, we might be fucked.
(Asthmatic Kitty Rec. AKR051/JNR25)  
8. Kocani Orkestar. Papigo.
(Crammed discs Craw 46-P)
9. Mus. Una Estacion xelada.
(Green Ufos Green028cd)
10. Tortoise. Madison Area.
(Thrill Jockey rec. promo)  
11. Declan de Barra. Red Forests.
(Silvox Sil217)
12. Little Joy. Don’t watch me dancing.
( Rough Trade RTRADCD485)
13. The Gutter Twins. Idle Hands.
(Subpop PROCD 130)
14.  Wang Fan. Give my body to.
(Fly Fast Rec.LC 15677)
15.  Bill Wells Trio. Singleton.
(Electric Honey EH 0702)