The Wandering Microphone

sat 27 apr 2013 03:00 

Folk music from Ethiopia, part 1 (of 2)

In two programmes with folk music from Ethiopia which we will broadcast today and next week, you can listen to recordings of various ethnic groups who live in this country.
Ethiopie 2.jpeg

  1. Two love songs: Tirut Yebatin Lig and Fikre Endeneh, with i.a. ‘Gigi’ Shibabaw
    Cd. Éthiopie, Chants d’Amour. (1997). Inédit. W260080
  2. A spiritual song, accompanied by the bägänna (large bass lyre)
    Cd. Long Distance 740402
  3. A number of songs for singers and flute players of the Ari (a settled farmers tribe) .
    Cd. Polyphonies Ari. (2002). Ocora. C 560174 
  4. A song of the Dorzé followed by two songs of the Ari
    Cd. Éthiopie, Polyphonies des Dorzé, Le Chant du Monde 274646.
  5. Two songs of the Ari.
    Cd. Polyphonies Ari. (2002). Ocora. C 560174

In the programme Mariama, funk, jazz and experimental tracks from Ethiopia, part 2.