The Wandering Microphone

sat 4 may 2013 23:00 

Folk music from Ethiopia – part 2 (of 2), from gramophone records no longer available.

Ethiopia II - Cushites, An Anthology of African Music.jpg
Part 2 of this series continues with music from the various population groups of Ethiopia, this time coming from early gramophone records of the labels Vogue & Musicaphon – Bärenreiter.
This programme features thorough explanation about the different peoples and their styles of music.

  1. Eight songs from the LP Ethiopie, Music Traditionelle, Collection Musée de l’homme. CLVLX – 164
  2. Seven songs from the LP Ethiopia II – Cushites, An Anthology of African Music, Unesco Bärenreiter Musicaphon. BM 30 L 2305
  3. Two songs from the CD. Éthiopie, Betsat Seyoum and Abbebe Fekade, Urban Asmares of Éthiopia. Long Distance 122166