The Wandering Microphone

sun 22 sep 2013 19:00 

Folk music from North East Thailand.

Various old instruments from Thailand
One hour filled with music from North East Thailand, with the emphasis on instrumental music.
We can divide the folk music from Thailand roughly in music from the north, where it is strongly influenced by Burmese and Laotian music, and music from the south which is based on Indo Javanese music.
The following instruments are discussed and can be heard:

  • the khaen, a kind of mouth organ with free reeds, which also can be found in Laos
  • the hun, a mouth harp which also can be found with the Ainu people in Japan
  • the phin, a wooden lute which has metal strings
    Pong lang
  • the pong lang, a xylophone which is held vertically
  • the wot, an unusual bamboo panpipe which was a toy for children
  • the hai song, a plucked instrument, with rubber strings stretched over a ceramic jar.
    Cd: Noord Thailand, King Records Kicc 5159
    Cd: Noordoost Thailand, King Records Kicc 5159