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sun 20 oct 2013 19:00 

Folk dances from South Slavonic Macedonia.

indexLP Macedonia folk dances reels.jpeg
In this hour, folk dances from Macedonia, a country which is internationally refered to as FYROM that stands for ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ since their independence.
We broadcast music from two LPs which were released for the Jugoton label. These records are from the years 1979 and 1972.
You hear the ensemble of the famous bag pipe player Pece Atanasovski.

  1. The complete LP ‘Macedonia folk dances play with us’. Orkestar narodni instrumenti by Pece Atanasovski, i sostav zurli i tapan.
    Jugoton LSY-61392.
  2. Six numbers of the LP Macedonian Folk Dances (Reels). Jugoton LPY 50985

On next 25 October from 21:00-22:00, we will broadcast a programme with Croatian folk music.