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sun 22 dec 2013 19:00 

Traditional music from Ethiopia, part 2 (of 3).
Music of the desert nomads.

Ethiopië Dorzé.jpeg
Today, the 2nd part of a 3-part series featuring traditional gramophone record music from Ethiopia, of which the recordings were made by British ethnomusicologist Jean Jenkins in the 70s of the previous century.
During this hour, music of the nomadic tribes that live in the desert area.
You will hear music of the Somali Ethiopians, the Affar, the Raishaida, the Borana, De Gerre and the Dorzé.
During the episode, the contents of the songs will be discussed thoroughly.

  1. Ethiopia, vol. 2 Music of the Desert Nomads. Jean Jenkins, Horniman Museum.
    LP. Tangent TGM 102 Mono
  2. Spinning songs
    LP. Ethiopia, Polyphonies of the Dorzé. Le Chant du Monde, LDX 74646