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The Wandering Microphone

sun 2 feb 2014 19:00 

Folk music from Greece.

Domna Samiou
In this hour, folk music from Greece. It originates from two LPs of the Greek label EMI-Columbia.
One LP is played in its entirety – songs performed by Domna Samiou, an ethnomusicologist who made recordings of folk music in Greece for the bigger part of her life, and later went on to sing the same kind of repertoire.
On this LP we can listen to 7 instrumental songs, performed using characteristic Greek folk music instruments such as the floyera, laoeto, gajda, santuri, tumbelekki, zoerna, klarino and kanonkaki.

  1. LP: EMI-Columbia, 2J 064 70115
  2. LP: Great solos, Souravli, Domna Samiou
    EMI – Columbia 14C054-70816

On Friday 7 February, from 9 to 10 PM, you can once more listen to Domna Samiou singing Greek songs.