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The Wandering Microphone

fri 14 feb 2014 21:00 

Folk music from Greece (part 3).

Les Flutes Grecques.jpg
This is the third and final programme in which you can listen to music sung by ethnomusicologist Domna Samiou with instrumental ensemble. The music originates from recordings from the time of gramophone discs.
The next complete LP you may listen to, was issued on the Greek label Syrius.
The 11 songs that Domna Samiou sings on this LP are played in two parts, including 5 instrumental pieces from various Greek regions.

  1. LP Syrius, SMH 86.003 side 1
  2. LP Les Flûtes Grecques. Arion ARN 33 286 side 1
  3. LP Syrius, SMH 86.003 side 2