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The Wandering Microphone

sat 20 feb 2016 22:00 

Folk music from the Central African Republic.

1. Dance songs by children of the "Banda" population. The children move around in a circle while holding hands and stamping their feet. Next a countdown song of the Gbaya tribe at which the child moves a shell in each hand.
CD. Unesco Auvidis D 8020, #3 (01’51) #5 (00’56).
2. By the NGBAKA a song which is meant to honour the souls of deceased ancestors.
CD. Unesco Auvidis D 8020, #11 (03’51).
3. A lullaby followed by an ensemble of wind players with 5 to 18 instruments. Both musical pieces are from the "Banda" population.
CD. Unesco Auvidis D 8020, #2 (01’13) #7 (02’48).
4. "Banda" war songs which tell about the battle between the different tribes.
CD. Unesco Auvidis D 8020, #9 (02’51) #10 (03’09).
5. Two songs by the "Gbaya" tribe. The first song is called: "If the man is single he doesn’t have food". The second song is a duo between the singer and his instrument.
CD. Ocora C580008, #4 (04’05) #5 (03’58).
6. The music by "Banda" is primarily monophonic except the instrumental music which is polyphonic and very complex.
CD-R/jk.2319, #5 (02’46) #6 (02’21) #7 (04’25).
7. A song that is accompanied by harp with the title: "This is the story of this day…".
CD. Chant du Monde LDX2741009, #3 (02’25).
8. Another song accompanied by harp named: "I can’t think…".
CD. Chant du Monde LDX2741009, #13 (04’23) #18 (03’54).
9. Music sung by children of the AKA pygmies tribe.
CD-R/jk.1234, #3 en #4 (06’10).