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The Wandering Microphone

sat 12 mar 2016 03:00 

Folk music from Ukraine.

Music from the southwestern parts of Ukraine, which form the independent state of Transnistria.
We will listen to various songs, some sung polyphonic. We will also listen to instrumental pieces featuring the sopielkas (shepherd’s flute), the trembitas (kind of alpine horn), cymbalen, basolja (violins) and the doede (bagpipes).
During the programme the music will be discussed in detail.
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  1. Ouverture trembitas with folk orchestra
  2. Medley of Carpathian melodies: Vinotchok
  3. The shephard departs
  4. The willow tree with many leaves
  5. The mountain behind the mountain
  6. The rogues
  7. The seducer
  8. The red mountain ash
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