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The Wandering Microphone

fri 11 mar 2016 21:00 hrs

It began in Africa.

Africa is known for its infinite varieties of rhythms. Rhythm is the most important means of expression in African music. Through the centuries, African rhythms have conquered the world. This process ran analogous to the fight for the abolition of slavery of black people. The influence of African rhythms on contemporary western pop and world music is thorough and essential. African music is for a long time now performed by musicians that are not from Africa.
But, where does it come from; the magic of the African rhythm and African music? Where lie the sources of blues, jazz, soul, hip-hop, Afro-latin, Afro-beat, Afro-house and numerous other music styles that are unthinkable without the underlying reference to Africa? What kind of sounds did the slaves bring with them?
In this programme, we take a look at the sources of the African rhythms and will prove that rhythm is the language of time.
Intro: Jungle People "It Began In Africa" 1992(Trance Mission ‎– TM 012) 00:18

1.    Nago. Sakara Orch.  (Dahomey) 03:05
2.    Mahi. Toba. (Dahomey) 01:31
3.    Mahi. Tchenhoukoumen (Dahomey) 02:12
4.    Ba Congo. Massikoulou. elephant horns
       (Congo) 05:04
5.    Bells And Pots (Nzakara) 3:01
6.    Ground Bow Solo (Banda Linda) 01:08

7.    Ba-Lari (Kongo). Ba-Lari Walking song with             sanza accompaniment 02:44
8.    Whistle Ensemble 02:49
9.    Giriama Spirit Dance. Witchcraft (Kenya) 02:09
10.  Ngoma Ra Mrongo. Taita (Kenya) 04:41
11.  Congo Drums 03:03
Xylophone Zande.jpg
Xylophone by Zandé
12.  Xylophone on Banana Trucks kponingbo (Zandé        tribe) 03:55
13.  Alto Bung O Horn (Kenya)  00:41
14.  Bafere Karumi Dance (Congo)  01:53
15.  Pygmeeën Percussie 05:40
16.  Pygmeeën (Benin) 02:26
17.  Horns Ensemble Banda Linda 02:23
18.  Drummed Message (Banda Linda) 04:47
19.  Banda fluiten 02:21
LP: Musiques Dahoméennes, Collection Radiodiffusion Outre-Mer, Ocora ‎– OCR 17, 1963 Nr 1,2,3,6
Musique Kongo
LP:  Musique Kongo, Ocora OCR 35, 1967, Nr 7
CD: Central African Republic “Music of the former Bandia courts” HM CNR 2741009 nr. 4, 5, 12, 13
CD: Central African Republic  Auvidis D8020, nr 8, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19
LP: Africa. Witchcraft and Ritual music. Nonesuch Records, 1975, H-72066, Nr. 9,11,14
LP: Musiques De L’Afrique Traditionnelle Vol. 2 – Pygmees , Playa Sound ‎– PS 33509,  1976 Nr. 15
LP: Primitive Music of Africa, Mainstream Records, KP 183  Nr. 10
Banda Polyphony.jpg
Banda Polyphony CD cover
CD: Banda Polyphony, Central African Republic, 1976/ 1992 Auvidis D8043 Nr.19

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