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The World Is My Oyster with Banabila

fri 30 oct 2015 22:00 

In this programme we take a look at the role of the phenomena “World Music” as inspiration source.

We listen to a selection from famous people from the music, art and media world that choose influential music pieces, with their personal stories added. In this first episode we talk to Michel Banabila, Dutch musician and composer, known for numerous experimental works in various musical genres.

Michel Banabila (picture by Jacky van Dijk)

The conversation with Banabila was recorded in his own living room next to his studio. He talks with Maxim Chapochnikov about his experiences with world music, the inspirations in his musical career, and he chooses the most beautiful and influential pieces of music. It is remarkable that the choices of Banabila mainly consist of pieces with voices, like vague shortwave recordings from Holger Czukay or a very present voice from Susan Deyhim.
1.  Holger Czukay "Persian Love" CD Movies,
     1979/1998 Spoon CD35
2.  Brian Eno & David Byrne "A Secret Life", CD My
     Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, 1981 E.G.
     Recordings EGCD 48 
3.  Jon Hassel "Toucan Ocean" CD Vernal Equinox,
     1978/1990 Neyen Music/ Lovely Music LCD 1021
4.  Susan Deyhim "Gereyley", CD Madman of God,
     2000 CramWorld ‎– craw 22
5.  Milton Nascimento "A Chamada" CD Ballet
     Soundtrack Maria Maria, Far Out Recordings
     Faro 083CD
6.  Bob Ostertag "Oxblood" CD Verbatim, 1996
     Rastascan Records BRD029 
7.  Braaxtaal "Speechlos" CD Speechlos, 1997
     Kontrans ‎– Kontrans 244 
8.  Cornelius Cardew "Paragraph #7" CD Great
     Learning, 1971/2000 Cortical Foundation ‎–
     organ of Corti 21 
9.  Michel Banabila & Salar Asid "Amal"
10. Bahia El Idrissi + Banabila "The Flow" CD 
     Arhil, 2000 Boudisque Records ‎– BOU 3