The Art of the Improvisers

sat 1 feb 2020 23:00 

A Serenade For Bill Moons part 4

A series of programmes with music to say goodbye to Willem van Manen (Bill Moons).

After almost 15 years of coordinating the jazz section, former trombonist, composer and leader of the band Willem van Manen will leave the Concertzender. For this occasion, programme producer Bert Broere has compiled a musical fruit basket himself.

By the way, Van Manen owes his nickname to another Willem: Willem Breuker, who dedicated the composition ‘Twenty Minutes in the life of Bill Moons’ to him in 1975.

Tonight music by Kid Ory, Jimmy Owens and Archie Shepp and his New Contemporary Five.

1. Ory’s Creole Trombone
2. Too Bad
3. Black Bottom Stomp
4. Dead Man Blues
5. Savoy Blues
6. Bright Mississippi
7. Stuffy Turkey
8. Pannonica
9. Cisum
10. When Will The Blues Leave
11. Crepuscule With Nellie

1/5: Kid Ory
His Best Recordings 1922/44
6/8 : Jimmy Owens
The Monk Project
9/11: Archie Shepp & New Contemporary Five
The Early Album Collection


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