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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 15 feb 2020 23:00 
Composers: Carla Bley | Martin Küchen

The Swedish band Angles is playing with the bravura of Charles Mingus and the fun of Carla Bley. Several of the recordings were made during ZomerJazz (SummerJazz).

  1. Against the permanent revolution (Martin Küchen, Isak Küchen and Leo Küchen) 8.30
  2. Every Woman Is a Tree (Martin Küchen) 8.26
  3. Don’t Ruin Me (Martin Küchen) 12.44
    Track 1 from the CD Beyond Us (Clean Feed Records 2019); track 2 and 3 from the CD Every Woman Is A Tree (Clean Feed Records 2008)
    (duration 29.37)
  4. Love, Flee Thy House (In Breslau) (Martin Küchen) 3.45
  5. Compartmentalization (Martin Küchen) 4.34
  6. In Our Midst (Martin Küchen) 9.48
    Track 4 from the CD Disappeared Behind the Sun (Clean Feed Records 2016); track 5 and 6 from the CD Injuries (Clean Feed Records 2014)
    (duration 26.06)
  7. U(n)happiez marriages (Martin Küchen, Isak Küchen and Leo Küchen) 13.02
    (duration 13.02)
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