The Art of the Improvisers

sat 7 mar 2020 23:00 

The Art of the Improvisers
A Serenade For Bill Moons part 5
A series of programmes with farewell music in honour of Willem van Manen (Bill Moons)

After almost fifteen years, Willem van Manen (former trombone player, composer and bandleader), and coordinator of the jazz sector at the Concertzender, has left. For that occassion, programme maker Bert Broere compiled a musical present, especially for him.

Van Manen owes his nickname to Willem Breuker, who dedicated a composition titled Twenty Minutes In The Life Of Bill Moons to him in 1975.

Tonight’s music will be dominated by trombonist Roswell Rudd, playing in his own trio as part of the New York Art Quartet and performing in Elton Dean’s Newsense.

1. Rosmosis 14.48
2. Short 8.23
3. Ina 7.28
4. Strange City 5.35
5. Vacation Blues 4.04
6. Pour L’annee 7.16
7. Ruddfish Dish 8.05

From the CDs:
1/2: New York Art Quartet
Idem ESP
3/5 : Roswell Rudd Trio
The Unheard Herbie Nichols vol. 2 CIMP
6/7: Elton Dean’s Newsense


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