The Art of the Improvisers

sat 1 aug 2020 23:00 

A Serenade For Bill Moons part 10

A series with farewell music for Willem van Manen (Bill Moons).


Willem van Manen, ex-trombonist, composer and band leader, has retired from coordinating the jazz segment at Concertzender after nearly fifteen years. Program maker Bert Broere has composed a personalised music fruit basket, especially for this occasion.
Van Manen owes his nickname to the other Willem: Willem Breuker. He dedicated a composition to Van Manen in 1975, with the title: Twenty Minutes In The Life Of Bill Moons.

Tonight you can listen to music by Bobby Hackett/Miff Mole & Mugsy Spanier, The Jimmy Knepper Sextet and the Albert Mangelsdorff Trio.

1. Angry 2.52
2. Peg O’My Heart 4.33
3. When Day Is Done 4.31
4. Snag It 3.15
5. I Dream Too Much 10.12
6. Sixpence 6.58
7. If I Say I’m Sorry 3.51
8. Trilogue 6.03
9. Mayday Hymn 5.38
10. Zores Mores 8.43

CDs used:
1/4 : V/A 1944 Jazz In New York Commodore
5/7 : Jimmy Knepper I Dream Too Much Soul Note
8/10: Albert Mangelsdorff Three Originals MPS



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