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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 7 nov 2020 23:00 hrs
Composer: Michiel Braam

Music to get through coronavirus times close to the fireplace, iron stove or central heating.


Today, we hear music of pianist Michiel Braam, De Zes Winden (saxophone sextet) and Amsterdam String Trio.


1. Het Spoorboekje Explodeert 3.57
2. Dans Met Mij 11.12

3. Le Tombeau De Jean Nicot 14.05
4. Winter 8.10

5. Squilo 5.44
6. Two Tents 5.28
7. Reimond Kimpe 7.41

CDs used:

1/2: Michiel Braam. Oeps Present MB 01

3/4: Amsterdam String Trio. Winter Theme Winter& Winter

5/7: De Zes Winden. Manestraal BVHaast


Produced by:
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