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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 6 feb 2021 23:00 hour
Composer: Paul Termos

Music to listen to by the fireplace, stove, campfire, or central heating to kill time during COVID-19.

Today, you’ll hear music by the Ab Baars Quartet, Bik Bent Braam, and the Paul Termos Tentet.


1. Kinda Bear 5.28
2. Kinda Caravan 6.23
3. Kinda Perdido 6.45

4.Lemon Drop 6.00
5. O Pato 5.24
6. Pink Panther Theme 8.21

7. Sam The Man Was A… 3.46
8. Produktie Wals 6.33
9. La La La 1 4.07
10 Nieuwe Talisman 3.50

CDs used:

1/3: Ab Baars Quartet Kinda Dukish Wig

4/6: Bik Bent Braam 13 Bv Haast

7/10: Termos Tentet Shakes & Sounds Geestgronden

Produced by:
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