The Big Sound

sat 28 dec 2019 17:00 
Composer: Eric Dolphy

The Anti Rubber Brain Factory is an international anarchic company which varies in composition and is based in Paris. It’s latest album: Ensueños Burlescos, Peligrosos y Misticos de Tierras Mexicanas (LFDS 009) is a hallucinating journey through the music of the past – and next – century led by bassist Yoram Rosilion


01. Prueba Iniciática Part 3 – Inframundo (Rosilio) Anti Rubber Brain Factory LFDS 009
02. Ocosingo id id id
03. Free Jazz Part 1 (Coleman) Ornette Coleman Atlantic 1364
04. One Shot O’ Mezcal Por El Señor Eric Dolphy (Rosilio) Anti Rubber Brain Factory LFDS 009
05. Peyotlepec (Sandero Imaginario Interior) id id id
06. Prueba Initiática Part 1 – Abenturas De Las Puertas id id id
07. Danza De La Culebra id id id



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