The Early Garden

sun 25 jun 2017 16:00 

One hour of browsing through early music, with an accent on Masses. Music by Heinrich Isaac, who passed away 500 years ago.

On Sunday 26 March 2017 was the five hundreth anniversary of the death of Flemish composer Heinrich Isaac.

In his lifetime, Heinrich Isaac was maybe just as famous as Josquin des Prez. He worked for the most powerful kings of his day and was one of the most productieve composers of the renaissance.

In this episode of The Early Garden, we look at the live and music of this composer with a selection of Isaac’s churchly music.


Heinrich Isaac (1450 – 1517)
1. Alleluia
2. Haec Dies
Ensemble Officium under the direction of Wilfried Rombach
(Christophorus CHR 77005, 2010)

Heinrich Isaac
3. Ave Regina Caelorum
4. Sub Tuum Praesidium
5. Quae Est Ista
6. O Decus Ecclesiae
Cantica Symphonia under the direction of Guiseppe Maletto

Heinrich Isaac
7. O Missa Misericordias Domini (Kyrie to Agnus dei)
Cantica Symphonia under the direction of Guiseppe Maletto
(Glossa GCD P31908, 2013)

Ludwig Senfl (ca.1486-1543)
8. Tandernaken
(HMU 907332, 2004)

– This programme is a repeat of Sunday 2 April 2017. –

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