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The Early Garden

One hour of browsing through early music, with an accent on Masses.
Music from England, the Low Countries and Italy from the 16th and 17th century. The principal part is ‘Sacrae Cantiones’ by Raphaella Aleotti.

Premier livre de Danseries
1. Pavane Lesquercarde
2. Passomezzo du Roy/Reprinse
3. Pavane – Gaillarde Ferrareze

Ensemble Braccio, featuring several musicians, conducted by Peter van Heyghen
(CD Petrus Phalesius. Passacaille 925)

Thomas Morley (1557-1602)
4. Joyne Hands (consort)
5. Pavin (lute)
6. Sleepe slumb’ring eyes (lute and soprano)
7. The sacred End Pavin

The musicians of Swanne Alley, featuring Emily van Evera, soprano and Lyle Nordstrom, lute
(CD The Sound of Shakespeare. Erato 82564679047)

Raphaella Aleotti (1575-1646?)
from the Sacrae Cantiones:
8. Hodie nata est beata, Maria
9. Exurgat Deus
10. Diligam te Domine
11. Miserere mei Deus
12. Congregati sunt inimici nostri
13. Ego flos campi

Capella Artemisia, conducted by Candace Smith
(CD Raphaella Aleotti. Tactus TC 570101)

Francesco Corbetta (approx. 1615-1681)
14. Sinfonia A minor 2
15. Passacaglia sopra D major
16. Sarabande, Tombeau de Madame

La Ghirlanda Mosicale
(CD Francesco Corbetta. Dynamics CDS 517)


Pictured: Raphaella Aleotti (most likely)

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