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The Early Garden

thu 1 apr 2021 20:00 

One hour of browsing through early music, with an accent on Masses. French composer Antoine Brumel (approx. 1460-151) was a Flemish polyphonist. This hour features a chanson, a mass and modern arrangements of motets by him and parts of Johannes Ockeghem’s requiem.

Antoine Brumel (approx. 1460-1515)
1. Chanson: Du tout plongiet / Fors seulement

Johannes Ockeghem (approx. 1410-1497)
2. From Requiem:
– Graduale
– Offertorium

The Clerks’ Group conducted by Edward Wickham
(CD Ockeghem – Requiem, ASV CD GAU 168, 1997)

Antoine Brumel
3. Languente miseris
4. Nato Canunt omnia:
– Prima pars
– Secunda Pars

Calefax Reed Ensemble
(CD Calefax Reed Ensemble. Canal Grande CG 9321, 1993)

Antoine Brumel
5. From: Missa Et ecce Terrae motus a 12
– Kyrie eleison
– Christe eleison
– Kyrie eleison
– Gloria
– Benedictus (a 8)

Huelgas Ensemble conducted by Paul van Nevel
(CD Missa “Et ecce terrae motus” a 12 voci, Sony SK 46348, 1990)

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