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sat 12 may 2018 07:00 

With music by Erica Roozendaal (NL), and the band Sinouj (Spain, Tunisia, Nigeria, Italy).

Accordion player Erica Roozendaal plays compositions of contemporary folk and improvised music. This album was recorded in Iceland, and nearly all of the pieces are played solo by Erica, with guest appearances by Bert Vos (violin) and Frank Aarnink (from the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra), who improvises on percussion instruments. The instrumental pieces are very beautiful and exciting. Less exciting, however, is – on tracks 5 and 8 – when Erica Roozendaal sings and recites. CD. Arquitecturas del Silencio – Erica Roozendaal. Label: Lop Lop productions (2018), code: Llr 045. Distribution: XANGO music.

La Fiche is the third album of the Afro-Mediterranean quintet Sinouj – with musicians from Spain, Tunisia, Italy and Nigeria. They bring etno-jazz with folk-roots from the Maghreb, funk and electronic fusies of the seventies, as well as influences from rock, Indian music or drum & bass. Noteworthy are the solos of the saxophonist and the violinist, and the album also has a handful of guests who are very well chosen and enrich the color palette of the band. La Fiche will not go unnoticed, it is an album of rich diversity, joyful and full of energy. CD. La fiche – Sinouj. Label: Edición Independiente (2014). Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

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