The Early World

sat 27 oct 2018 07:00 

With the Dutch-Ethiopian singer Minyeshu, and klezmer music from Yale Strom’s Broken Consort.


Daa Dee – Minyeshu

The Ethiopian-born singer Minyeshu Kifle sings about the sound that moms make to encourage their child to take his first steps: daa-dee-daa-dee … Minyeshu started her career at the famous Ethiopian National Theater, where she developed her talents as a singer, actress, dancer and choreographer, but her heart is with the music.¬†In 1996 she moved to the Netherlands and since then she has performed with, among others, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Metropole Orchestra and New Cool Collective, Salif Keita, and many others.
CD. Daa Dee – Minyesh. Label: Arc Music (2018), code: EUCD2782-1. VIDEO

Shimmering lights – Hannukkah music – Yale Strom’s Broken Consort

Yale Strom plays the Eastern European klezmer music, with old and new songs about Hannukkah, or chanukah and the Jewish Festival of Light.¬†During the chanukah the candles in the menorah, the special nine-armed candlestick are lit, hence the title Shimmering Lights. Yale Strom tries to see how chanukah is celebrated in different cultures and countries. For example, Greek Sephardic children go home from home with oil lamps. The song ‘Latkes’ is about the potato pancakes that Yale Strom himself ate for eight days during the chanukah.
CD. Shimmering lights – Hannukkah music – Yale Strom’s Broken Consort. Label: ARC Music EUCD2809.

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