The Early World

sat 16 mar 2019 07:00 

With music from Abeer Nehme and Marcel Khalife (Libanon), The Gloaming (Ierland).


Sing A Little by Abeer Nehme and Marcel Khalife.

This unique collaboration between Abeer Nehme and Marcel Khalife evokes sentimental and nostalgic emotions. The music is limitless in its melodies, some go back to the traditional beats of the past, the youth of Lebanon or to the passion of an old lover. For Abeer Nehme singing is a wish and a lasting fad, she wants to sing as much as possible, and is aware of the magic of her voice. Marcel Khalife plays the old and the duo is accompanied by a symphony orchestra led by Michalis Economou.
CD. Sing A Little by Abeer Nehme and Marcel Khalife. Label: Nagam Records (2018), code: NR1022. Distribution: XANGO music | Video

The Gloaming “3”.

The Gloaming consists of five master artists, each with a very successful individual career, they have come together to create new music that combines memorable, yearning melodies in a progressive style.
Although it is loaded by the traditions of Ireland, what Gloaming does with the structures of Irish music is anything but simple nostalgia. The texts come from the history of Irish literature, old and new. The music is played with the authority of virtuosos. The result is not hardened by gloss or sentimentality. Instead, it is spooky and emotionally charged.
CD. The Gloaming “3”. Label: Real World Records (2019), code: CDRW223 – [PIAS] Benelux.  Video

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