The Early World

sat 30 mar 2019 07:00 

With music from Lindha & Fabia Kallerdahl (Sweden), Anghjula Potentini (Corsica), Animals, Wild and Tame (Sweden).

The Thrill is Gone – Lindha & Fabia Kallerdahl.
Lindha Kallerdahl is famous for her striking ‘free’ way in which she uses her voice. Pianist Fabian Kallerdahl is one of the most sought-after musicians in Sweden. Lindha & Fabian perform special ‘free’ interpretations of, among others, Duke Ellington and Stephen Sondheim surrounded by ‘free’ improvisations.
Cd. The Thrill is Gone – Lindha & Fabia Kallerdahl. Label: Hoob records (2017), code: hoobcd072.  |   XANGO music |  VIDEO

Fiara – Anghjula Potentini.
Fiara (flame) is a set of thirteen songs in Corsican. Anghjula Potentini tells about Corsican nature that is sometimes misused, and villages that have lost their old-world charm. She loves the memory of her ancestors and sings about hope, love and passion. A flame that she would like to stir up in each of us, illuminates this album from the beginning to the end.
Cd. Fiara – Anghjula Potentini. Label: Buda Musique (2009), code : 860180 | VIDEO

Here’s To Us – Animals, Wild and Tame.
A new album Here’s To Us from a new quartet Animals, Wild and Tame from Stockholm. Four musicians create a fantasy animal and get lost in the translation. Four viewpoints that create one fantasy. All the titles on this album refer to chapters in a textbook for Sweden that chose to leave the country at the end of the 19th century, all according to the author Vilhelm Moberg and his book ‘The Immigrants’.
Cd. Here’s To Us – Animals, Wild and Tame. Label: Hoob records (2018), code: hoobcd073.  |   XANGO music  |  VIDEO

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