The Early World

sat 11 may 2019 07:00 

With music from the Mediterranean and Central Asia, from Titi Robin and Mehmet Polat.


Rebel Diwana – Titi Robin.

Titi Robin has surrounded himself with three young musicians from the Parisian jazz scene, as well as a sarangi player and an Indian singer, himself using an electric guitar for the first time and singing. The album Rebel Diwana is a collection of sharp and sensual poems, in which Titi Robin draws the contours of a universe steeped in the music sources from the Mediterranean, Central Asia or Rajahstan (a northern Indian region bordering Pakistan).
Cd. Rebel Diwana – Titi Robin. Label: Molpe music-Suraj (2018), code: SUR1820  |  XANGO music |  VIDEO


Quantum Leap – Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours.

Ud player and composer Mehmet Polat has brought jazz musicians together to form a brand new band with ud, drums, double bass and accordion. After years of touring internationally with his ensemble, inspired by the rich musical traditions of the Middle East, Africa, India, Europe and the Balkans, Polat is looking for a new “jazzier” sound. As always, Polat likes to leave room for improvisation in his pieces, resulting in an adventurous sound.
Cd. Quantum Leap – Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours. Label: Aftab records (2019), code: MP63  |  XANGO music | VIDEO

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