The Early World

sat 8 jun 2019 07:00 

With music by Tristan Driessens, Valtònyc & Arifa.


Tristan Driessens brings a variety of Eastern influences into the world of Western European folk music. Long before the Belgian oed player was introduced to the secrets of classical Ottoman music, he was widely known as a talented folk dancer. With A Folk Dancer’s Journey he returns to his first passion: a French circle of dance mixes with a Caucasian Eagle dance from Azerbaijan, mazurka, sounds from Turkey and a Jewish Moroccan song. The album paints the image of a restless nomad who, accompanied by his loyal lute, has reached a crucial phase on his way between East and West.
Cd. A Folk Dancer’s Journey – Tristan Driessens | Label: Seyir muzik (2019), code: 2GN005 | Distributie: XANGO music | VIDEO

Valtònyc, also known as the Catalan “enfant terrible”, no longer exists. He grew up, has grown up and publishes an album for the first time with the Belgian label Home Records. Valtònyc is free-spirited and challenging, with an exceptionally poetic dimension and metaphors. The metaphor begins with the title of the album Piet Hein is a Dutch hijacker from the 16th century who, after being locked up for a long time by the Spaniards, takes revenge and returns to his country as a hero.
Cd. Piet Hein – Valtònyc | Label: Home records (2019), code: 413309 | VIDEO

Old musical traditions from the Middle East and the Balkans are mixed with jazz and contemporary improvised music in a Western state of mind. The secret of Arifa lies in the creative chemistry between its three members. They live in the Netherlands, but come from Romania, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany. Their music is as diverse as their origins, from traditional Turkish and Balkan music to jazz and contemporary music.
Cd. Secret Poetry – Arifa | Label: Arifa / Mundus prod. | Distributie: XANGO music | VIDEO

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