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sat 16 mar 2024 20:00 hrs
Composer: Paul Simon

Dutch jazz music and more. Singer Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt explore contemporary Dutch jazz. This week, we will feature no less than 6 new Dutch releases.

Michiel Stekelenburg – Album: Catharis (2024)
1. As one (Composer: Michiel Stekelenburg)
2. Morning Sun (Composer: Michiel Stekelenburg)


AVA trio – Album: The Great Green (2024)
3. Maze (Composer: Giuseppe Doronzo )
4. Timanfaya (Composer: Giuseppe Doronzo )


Philipp Rüttgers – Etudes of Shapes and Forms (2024)
5. Rounds (Composer: Philipp Rüttgers)
6. Gibberish (Composer: Philipp Rüttgers)


Bernhard Reinke – Album: Love for Life (2024)
7 Straight Ahead (Composer: Bernhard Reinke)
8. When it comes down to it (Composer: Bernhard Reinke)


Marc van Vugt – Album: The Curious Badger
9. Dancing in the Wind (Composer: Marc van Vugt)


Ineke Vandoorn Meets Jasper van ‘t Hof– Album: Dancing on Water (2024)
10. Quiet (Composer: Paul Simon)

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