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sat 18 may 2024 20:00 hrs
Composers: Ivan Lins | Michel Legrand

Dutch jazz and more. Singer Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt take a deep dive into contemporary Dutch jazz. This episode will feature 4 new releases.

picture: Jos Fielmich


Josee Koning – Album:  Doce Presença (2024)

1. Paciência (composer and lyricist: Lenine/Dudu Falcão) 4:16
2. Samba de Vison (composer and lyricist: Ivan Lins, Michel Legrand/Claudio Lins) 4:05
3. Doce Presença (composer and lyricist: Ivan Lins/Vitor Martins) 5:22


I Compani – Album: Party @ Tivolux (2024)

4. Sogni d’Oro (composer Bo van de Graaf) 5:59
5. Sun Ra (composer Bo van de Graaf) 3:51

I Compani – Album: Tibet (2024)
6. Eventually we can come together (composer Tessa Zoutendijk) 3:40


Mike del Ferro – Album: Slow Piano Music 2 (2024)

7. Invisible desert (composer Mike del Ferro) 4:57
8. Resonating piano (composer Mike del Ferro) 3:00
9. A Little Waltz for Lyle Mays (composer Mike del Ferro) 3:11
10. A Short Ballad for a Movie (composer Mike del Ferro) 1:37


Ben van Gelder  – Album: Manifold (2024)

11. Spectrum (composer Ben van Gelder ) 5:27
12. Voice of Reason (composer Ben van Gelder ) 6:59
13. Spaces Between Notes (composer Ben van Gelder ) 1:57

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