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sat 15 jun 2024 20:00 hrs

Dutch jazz and more. Singer Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt dive into the contemporary Dutch jazz delta. In this episode, we will highlight 4 new releases.

Picture: Hans Speekenbrink


BRUUT! – Album: Machine (2024)
Composition and performance (1, 3, 4, 5): Felix Schlarmann (dr), Folkert Oosterbeek, Maarten Hogenhuis(sx, kb), Sean Fasciani (bs), and Joost Oomen (vc) (only on track 5)

1. Machine
2. In Bloom (composition: Kurt Cobain)
3. Flubber
4. Hive
5. Hynder


Dash! – Album Radio Rotor (2024)
Compositions: Maarten Ornstein. Performance Alex Oele (bg), Eric Hoeke (dr), Maarten Ornstein (G-cl)

6. Radio Rotor 5:02 (Composition: Maarten Ornstein)
7. Untie 4:06 (Composition: Maarten Ornstein)
8. Shout 4:43 (Composition: Maarten Ornstein)


Sol Jang trio – Album: 19-29 (2024)
Compositions: Sol Jang. Performance Sol Jang (pi), Jort Terwijn (cb), Max Hering(dr)

9. Subway in Seoel (Composition: Sol Jang) 5:24
10. 19 Days (Composition: Sol Jang) 4:13
11. Things I used to know (Composition: Sol Jang) 4:33


Raw Fish – Album: Crudo (2024)
Compositions and performance Teis Semey (guit), Giovanni Iacovella (drums, electr)

12. Stroganina
13. Interlude
14. Funeral (revised,again)
15. It Was Nice To Get To Know You (feat. Marta Arpini)
16. Do Sardines Come From Sardinia (feat. Nicoló Ricci)

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